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The Minchella family have been operating in the South Shields area since 1935, Toney Minchella followed in his father's footsteps by opening his own ice cream factory in Maxwell street, where the business still operates today.


There are four stores throughout South Shields, dispensing the delicious award-winning ice cream to visitors and locals alike.  The secret to Toney Minchella ice cream? Carlo Minchella reveals  "there is no secret which makes our ice cream taste so good! Just the know how built up over many years."


The recipe has not deviated much since Toney's original used decades ago, Toney worked closely with his son Carlo for many years, during which the family won many prestigious awards both locally and nationally. Toney Minchella ice cream has never been without recognition, continuing to 'scoop' award after award, year on year due to the passion and dedication to making simple, delicious ice cream.


Toney sadly passed away in 2007, leaving his sons Carlo & Aldo to take the reigns of the business. Toney's passion for delicious ice cream remains and locals can still remember him fondly as they tuck into a delicious tub of his namesake ice cream.  More details on which can be found in the Awards section of the website.

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